Tummy Tuck Mommy Makeover

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Mommy makeover tummy tuck

Have you been thinking of having a tummy tuck? This is the right time for you. Since the time you got your first child, you noticed a change in your figure. This is the time to improve your esteem and stand on top of the crowd. A mommy makeover is an ideal solution when it comes to rejuvenating your body shape. Your family will be happy taking care of you. There are some basics which will help you understand about the tummy tuck makeover. It is made for people like you and this is why you should not hesitate to have it. Sometimes, there are things which make us feel depressed or less recognized. If you don’t know what a mommy makeover is, have a look at our other post.

What is a tummy tuck mommy makeover?

Excess fat and skin will turn your body figure to an awkward shape. You are responsible for correcting your figure flaws with tummy tuck mommy makeovers. This procedure restores the muscle strength in the stomach, therefore, giving a new look in your shape and figure. In many instances, surgery doesn’t not remove stretch marks but only on the operated area. It removes the marks below the belly button. It gives the body a new, smoother look. This procedure gives a permanent shape. This process can be made stronger by doing light exercises. Remember, this is not a weight loss mechanism.

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A panniculectomy is where a pannus is removed by surgery. This is excess skin that hangs down over one’s genitals. It makes a person look ugly and imbalanced. It makes walking and other physical activities difficult. Removing this “apron” makes the woman look decent and balanced. The city is flooded with surgeons who can assist you. This process requires qualified doctors and modern equipment. To be eligible for this procedure, you should be a non-smoker and should be in good health.

Abdominal etching

You might be wondering why you figure remains the same, although you have been doing regular workouts. Abdominal etching could be your answer. We would like to have the best appearance when we stand before the crowd. Your doctor can help you undergo this procedure. This procedure is carried out alongside abdominoplasty to give the patient the ultimate shape. It gives you an upright posture, balance, and focus.

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These procedures require utmost care. It is important to make sure that you are not undergoing a weight loss program. This may hinder the results. There is the risk of weight gain if your body is not steady. Tummy tuck mommy makeover will turn you into the shape you have been dreaming. Experts are waiting for you, make the right decision. If you follow the doctor’s instructions, the whole process will be easy.




What is a mommy makeover?

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Mommy Makeover abdominoplasty

Everyone welcomes pregnancy and childbirth with a smile. They tend to forget the life-changing experience which many mothers go through. It can cause havoc to your body’s shape and figure. It becomes very hectic to return back to your normal appearance. This is the reason why many women go for a mommy makeover. This is a type of surgery, which helps women recover their body shapes. The stomach is elastic, therefore, during pregnancy, it expands. After delivery, the stomach shrinks to occupy the left space. This experience causes the skin to wrinkle-causing visible stretch marks and wrinkles. Weight gain during pregnancy is also a cause of stretch marks. A mommy makeover procedure helps in removing the excess skin and fat in their body leaving a good shape.

It is a series of surgeries

This is not a one-time procedure. It is a series of surgeries which correct the shape of women after childbirth. It depends on the choice of the individual. These procedures include liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and breast lift. It doesn’t mean that you require all these surgeries. The surgeon will direct you on the best procedure, which can correct your figure flaws. It is, therefore, to work closely with the doctor.

Breast lift

During pregnancy, a lot of fat is stored in women’s breasts. Breastfeeding pulls all the fat, leaving the breast sagging. It is the role of the mother to provide food for her child. The weight of the milk is another cause of the breasts to droop. A breast lift is a surgery that corrects this problem. The surgeon removes excess skin, fat and tissues. It leaves the woman with a sexy shape. Qualified surgeons can help you in repositioning the nipple. The breasts become perky and in good shape.

Breast augmentation

This can be done to compliment the breast lift. Sometimes the breasts are extremely deflated; therefore, a combination of the two procedures will help you achieve a perfect shape. This procedure includes implants to fill the breasts. This combination helps the surgeon to apply the same incision, which reduces the number of scars.

Mommy Makeover abdominoplasty






Tummy tuck

This procedure aims at strengthening loose muscles. It also removes excess tissues and skin. Sometimes the surgeon may recommend a mini tummy tuck if you have a small pooch. This leads to a smaller incision. It is good to work closely with your doctor before deciding on which path to follow.

Mommy makeover is essential if you have the money to pay for the surgery. Other options include buttock lift and weight loss. The disadvantage of weight loss is that it doesn’t happen on the required part. In some situation, liposuction is used during a tummy tuck to assist in regaining a flat stomach. This is not made for everybody. Consult your doctor before going for the surgery.


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